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Transforming into the digital ageTransforming Digital! The world is changing, especially with this pandemic right now. So what does this mean to businesses? Customers are also changing---including their needs and you have to keep up with it; you have to be willing to change despite being risky and at times, expensive. For most enterprises, if they could stay the same and still be successful, then that would make perfect business sense. Sadly, in this day and age, we all have to keep up with how times are changing. If you want to keep your organization afloat. And this is where we see the need of transforming digital.

One unique task of leadership is to initiate a future that is distinct from the past. For this to occur, we need to recognize the power of shared value and see that real change is more dependent on creating common ties than on providing more clarity and better blueprint concerning that future. If all we want is to make tomorrow better, but not different from yesterday, then we do not need good leadership; we need good management.

Course Overview As organizations reach higher levels of maturity in managing projects individually, they shift their focus to managing them collectively as a project portfolio. This transition seems to occur when you realize that projects are investments – not expenditures –