Programme Overview

This transformational LBBS Global Masterclass Programme will help you discover business growth strategies and build a stronger company designed to sustain progress, scale management, and engender market expansion. The programme is designed to focus on needs, challenges and opportunities of growing companies.

As an executive, you will learn how to create and execute strategies that will accelerate the growth of your business and expand your market share. You will be equipped with management systems that will sustain your organization’s growth.

You will be taken through a transformational journey which will form the basis of great impact and results on your performance in leading your business and organization to success. You will discover factors that drive or inhibit growth.

Programme Learning Objectives

At the end of this advanced management and leadership programme you will be able to:

  • Understand your role as a leader in your organization in facilitating growth.
  • Build tools to foster and sustain an entrepreneurial culture in your organization
  • Delegate effectively so you can focus on higher-level vision and strategy.
  • Effectively align your company’s growth strategy with your organization’s culture and environment




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