Global Leadership Masterclass for Africa

Programme Overview

In this era of continuous changes which have impacted every facet of our life with consumer behaviour rapidly evolving, businesses are discovering newer ways of reaching their goals. Many leaders are struggling to keep with these changes. At LBBS we believe that the only way leaders can survive is to be part of this transformation.

Transformational leaders motivate and inspire their teams. They know that they must value and reward their employees with authentic feedback and recognition of achievements. At London Bridge Business School, we know that successful teams begin with highly driven, successful people who are individually supported to collectively contribute to the overall organizational mission and vision. Our leadership masterclass programme is a deliberate and proactive investment in bringing forward each leader’s strengths, solidify team and company alignment, and create extraordinary teams.

Organizations and businesses in the 21st century are faced with rapidly evolving context (economic, political, social) and they must continuously adapt with agility, innovation and leadership. Success minded organizations who want to lead the transformation must ask themselves questions such: what do we need to keep, change, and give up? Where is it necessary to accelerate and where should we slow down? How can we help our people develop a true culture of leadership?

This Global Leadership Masterclass Programme is a major cross-sector initiative that develops individual and collective leadership capacities in order to drive organizational-level transformation needed to attain the organization’s vision.

Some critical organizational challenges that this programme will address include:

  • Uniting the organization around shared convictions
  • Develop the capacity to drive long-term change
  • Adapt behaviours and mindsets

Programme Key Objectives

In this powerful executive education programme, participants will receive the tools and skills to:

  • Understand the key principles and benefits of transformational leadership.
  • Recognize and develop their own transformational leadership style.
  • Understand and apply leading-edge scientific principles that underlie transformational leadership.
  • Act as a powerful role model for teams and peers.
  • Inspire people to work together in synergistic teams.
  • Be a learning leader—a leader who sees educating and coaching as a key role.

Programme Date: 9th – 14th December, 2019

Destination: London


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