One unique task of leadership is to initiate a future that is distinct from the past. For this to occur, we need to recognize the power of shared value and see that real change is more dependent on creating common ties than on providing more clarity and better blueprint concerning that future. If all we want is to make tomorrow better, but not different from yesterday, then we do not need good leadership; we need good management.

leadership vs management

Management provides structure and order but does not create much that is new. The problem with most change effort is that there is too much management; in this very way, the term ‘change management’ is at odds with itself.


The common belief that you can change a culture by implementing clearer goals, better controls, better measures, more training, and new incentives is a comfortable illusion. This is why most change effort end up as a combination of lip service, head-count reduction, etc. Even many of our ideas of good leadership are infested with a management mind-set, we think leadership is only about positive human trait, a well-articulated vision, and walking the talk; these are good, but they miss the real point of LEADERSHIP, which is the CAPACITY TO DEAL WITH THE UNCERTAINTY OF A NEW FUTURE BY CREATING A SENSE OF BELONGING AND STRONG COMMUNITY.

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