London Summer Summit for Africa

Summit Overview
The London Summer Summit for Africa 2019 with the theme A Mission Critical Business Summit for CEOs, Top Executives, Senior Level Leaders and Managers is a week long event which will be hosted on the campuses of some of London’s prestigious universities to immerse delegates on discussions, stage presentations, forum sessions, lectures with the goal of sharing latest insights on 21st century business management best practices, leadership principles for exceptional governance, gender inclusiveness, innovation, youths in business and leadership.
The purpose of this summit is to influence the emergence of leaders with fresh ideas to take Africa to its promise land. Delegates at the summit will undergo a transformational journey which will make them become leaders that can cause positive change to take place. Africa is in need of new breed of leaders be it in business, governance, education, science and technology.

On the Agenda: Key Issues to be Discussed At the Summit

• Investing in Africa: Gaining Strategic Insights and Advantage into the Opportunities Inherent in Africa..
• Understanding the Dynamics of Business Growth: Succeeding in Harsh Business Environment.
• How Technology is Changing the Narrative in Africa: Building Blocks for Africa’s Economic Growth.
• The Role of Gender in Africa’s Development: Why Gender Mainstreaming Is Changing the Face of Leadership in  Africa.
• Youth Participation in Leadership and Decision Making: Why The Youth Can Be A Source of New Ideas That Could Transform Africa. Africa’s Biggest Gains in the Era of Interconnectivity: How Is Internet Connectivity Creating Economic Opportunities for Africa’s Youths?
• Unlocking Africa’s Potentials Through Gender Inclusiveness: A Case Study of Rwanda.
• Investing in Africa’s Human Capital: The Key to Leapfrogging Africa Into the Information Age.
• Leadership Development Roadmap for Africa’s Youths: How to Increase Youth Participation in Leadership.
• Developing Excellent Leadership Skills: The Keys to Leading in the 21st Century.

   What to Look Out for at the Summit and Why You Should Attend
• Inspiring speakers.
• Exhibitions by schools, businesses and country representatives
• Fascinating stage presentations
• Syndicate sessions
• Network with other participants
• Benchmark visits. Visit historic landmarks in the ancient and classic city of London. Experience London on a      completely new level
• Ballroom drills to thrill you
• Wrap up dinner/gala night



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