Transforming into the digital ageTransforming Digital!

The world is changing, especially with this pandemic right now.

So what does this mean to businesses?

Customers are also changing—including their needs and you have to keep up with it; you have to be willing to change despite being risky and at times, expensive.

For most enterprises, if they could stay the same and still be successful, then that would make perfect business sense.

Sadly, in this day and age, we all have to keep up with how times are changing. If you want to keep your organization afloat.

And this is where we see the need of transforming digital.

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Understand the Customer

But despite this, the rationale still remains the same for companies if they want to attract and retain customers—understanding your customer.

You have to meet your customers where they are and understand what their needs are–that’s basic.

Especially their problems.

What keeps them awake every night?

What are their pain points?

In short, no problem–no solution– no money.

There’s money in problems

Really, how are you going to solve problems if you don’t know the problem, right?

That needs to be the foundation of thinking about your digital transformation offers.

After knowing their pain, you have to agitate that pain, that struggle; what’s going to happen if this problem doesn’t get solved?

And that’s where you come in–you solve their problem.

What value can your business bring?

Why will they choose you amongst other competitors?

What’s your offer?

However, if you don’t grasp what their pains and needs are–you will fail—, even if they have an idea of wanting to move to a digital platform.

So customer research is really important and should be the priority especially if you want to shift into digital transformation because customer’s needs are also evolving with the changing times.

Digital Transforming with Human Connection

Still, evolving into digital doesn’t mean that we should lose the human touch.

For instance, if I am stuck in the midst of a roadside emergency, for sure, I want the fastest response possible. But instead of being redirected into an impersonal ticket system, of course, it would be better to have that human to human connection that reassures me saying, “It’s ok, we got you.”

So, I would appreciate a company that does that digitally –but without losing that “personal gentle touch”.

Shifting to digital transformation doesn’t have to mean resorting into impersonal and cold robotic machinery.

Even if communication is automated, there’s still that “human intervention” in technology. Like having a chatbot incorporated in your messaging system.

Facebook Chatbot is largely automated, But still with human touch and it’s branded, if you will, the whole time. It works like this:

You type a question on their customer service chat platform .

You have someone answering your queries. People think it’s not a machine but an actual person on the other side on duty right now, attending to your concerns.

And this chatbot system is there if someone needs it. But as a customer, I feel reassured now I feel better that there’s a person on the other line to solve your problem.


In a Nutshell

The way you want it is to look at these problems of your customers first–because they matter. That should come up front.

Because you don’t want to make that costly mistake of already launching a multi-million dollar system –without knowing these first. It’s advisable to discover something that meets the needs of your market to serve your purpose.

In the end, it’s all about your customers and how you solve their problem in new digital platforms–it’s as simple as that.

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