Our brain is divided into two sections; The selling brain and the buying brain.

When we sale, we are focusing on rational explanations and trying to “prove a point”. But when we buy, we are making emotional decisions, and that’s why everyone of us made at least one “implosive buy” in his life (raise your hand if you did so).

So, what’s the best way to improve our sales cycle, in order to maximize our conversion rate throughout the process?

I call it “The Pyramid Flow”, and it goes like this:

On the base of the pyramid, you should have all the 3P (Preparation, Pipeline, Presentation).

– The Preparation is all about knowing and understanding two important subjects (your product or service, and your potential clients). Without knowing them both perfectly, it will be harder to make a proper sale.

– The Pipeline is your “tube” that contains all your potential leads. You must nurture this Pipeline all the time and make sure that your top leads get your top attention.

– The Presentation is your “toolbox”. It should contain all the elements to make your client satisfied. But you should know better, that a toolbox as good as it might be, won’t sell itself… so, make sure that you control all the tools in your box.

On the second level of the pyramid, you should have the WWH (Why, What, How).

– Always start with the WHY. I’ve been selling for over 20 years (professionally), and every time I saw a salesperson that started with the What – I cringed in my chair. The WHY is the base for any sale. Make sure you know it, and make sure your client understands it.

– So, if the WHY is “the hole in the wall”, then the WHAT is “the driller itself”. But even when demonstrating the What (your service or your product), make sure not to talk about technical details, and instead focus on What’s In It For Me(The client point of view)

– Now when we get to the HOW, we can elaborate more about our service or product. If you got here, then I can only assume that you solved all the rejections of your client. Unless doing so, you should go back in your footsteps and make sure that all is clear to your client.

The final level of the pyramid it’s all about The Closer.

– Make sure your client is still with you, make sure you answered properly to all his objections, and move forward to this closing part.

– Let him do the first step of asking about the cost. Don’t jump ahead by saying something like “well, so this is the product, and it only cost you $5,000”. Keep him interested and let him “lead the proposal”.

– Don’t use round numbers in your pricing (i.e. $5,000). When we price tag our service with round numbers, the clients tend to “calculate” the real value of the product, and that’s make them more worried than happy. Instead, price tag your product with odd numbers (i.e $4,985, instead of $5,000)

– And finally, always be kind.

In conclusion,

To buy something it’s super easy, and that’s why we do it every day 😊 If you will practice your selling approach with “The Pyramid Flow”, I can guarantee that your sales cycles will be much more productive. Give it a try – in the worst case, you will succeed.

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